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40 feet of Misting in nylon, non-drip nozzles, medium pressure pump installed starting at $2,395

Misting & Fogging Systems Cooling southern California's great outdoors - one beautiful system at a time

About Us

We service most of southern California in areas such as the San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Orange County, all of Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, and the greater Palm Springs region. We use professional quality 300 PSI and 1000 PSI Mr. Mister pumps. We also offer direct drive pumps at a lower cost, and nylon, copper or stainless steel mist lines.

All of our products are the tops in our industry. You don't get wet, just cool. We offer Estimates at no charge. Misting can cool an area up to 25 degrees on even the hottest days. Fogging creates spectacular effects in back yard pool areas. As of 2009, All Mr. Mister pumps contain water safety switches, installed at the factory, to prevent damage to the pump if it is operated without sufficient water.


Custom Installations

We offer total custom installations from the pre-building stage to existing structures.

Event Rentals

We provide delivery and set up of our state of the art dual Canon and/or revolution fans.

Service and Repair

We will service and repair any system regardless of who built it.

Custom Installations

We work with your design team to create a system that complements the architecture of your home. We work in tandem with your contractor at every stage of construction to ensure that the finished product is seamless, unobtrusive, and functioning at the optimum psi. In most cases the system will be invisible on the exterior except for pinpoint where the nozzles protrude.

Event Rentals

Don't let the heat ruin your party. Whether it is a backyard get together, a company picnic, a wedding venue, Angel Stadium, Stagecoach, or a tented outdoor space, if there is water and power we do them all. Our fans are state-of-the-art. Our dual Canon units allow for targeted multi directional misting up to 400 square feet and our Revolution units allow for even circular Misting approximately 800 square feet. We provide delivery and set up and in some cases on site back up during the event.

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